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Carbon Release from Agricultural Cultivated Peats at Sungai Hitam Wetland, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia

Megan E. Cattau
This research aimed to determine CO2 emission related to agricultural activities in peat soils ...
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Sources of anthropogenic fire ignitions on the peat-swamp landscape in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Fire disturbance in many tropical forests, including peat swamps, has become more frequent and extensive in recent decades ...
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Geotechnical characterization of peat-based landfill cover materials

Natural methane (CH4) oxidation that is carried out through the use of landfill covers (biocovers) is a promising method for reducing CH4 emissions from landfills ...
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Monitoring deforestation in Malaysia between 1985 and 2013: Insight from South-Western Sabah and its protected peat swamp area

Monitoring land cover changes provides an effective and accurate evaluation of deforestation rates that shed light on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) implementation ...
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Land-use trade-offs in the Kapuas peat forest, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Forest ecosystems provide benefits to people locally and globally ...
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CO2 balance of a secondary tropical peat swamp forest in Sarawak, Malaysia

Tropical peat swamp forest (PSF) has accumulated a huge amount of carbon as peat over millennia ...
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